New Years Eve 2018 in Tunisia

New Years Eve in Tunisia

Welcome !! Tunisia, Africa’s smallest country, has always been a city that enjoys a good party, but thanks to the positive transformation it’s been going through over the past few years, it is predicted that  more and more visitors will be spending New Years Eve 2018 in Tunisia. The locals are looking forward to celebrating their bright, new futures more than ever before and there are sure to be both Tunisians and visitors alike taking part in the exciting festivities. In the past, hundreds of thousands of visitors from Algeria have come to Tunisia for New Years Eve and chances are good that they’ll be doing it again in 2018.

Medina Part of The City to celebrate New Years Eve in TunisiaEastern Side of the Medina, Tunisia for New Years Eve CelebrationTunisia City Streets to celebrate New Years Eve
Medina Part of The CityEastern Side of the MedinaTunisia City Streets
New Years Eve Parties and Events
In Tunisia, family and friends usually gather in each others homes, enjoying delicious sweet treats including a delicate French cake that’s always popular this time of year. Later on in the evening, most of the younger generation head out to spend the evening partying, enjoying great music, dancing, drinks and a wide variety of dining options. Whatever your style, rest assured New Years Eve 2018 in Tunisia will be anything but average. In Monastir, the fabulous Hotel Golden Beach will be having a gala, including live music performed by celebrated local singers. The gala also includes a delicious dinner which in the past has included fresh seasoned prawns and perfectly cooked leg of lamb.
Golden Beach Hotel in Tunisia for New Years HolidayPerfect NYE Dinner in TunisiaSpecial Dinner in New Years Eve in Tunisia
Golden Beach HotelPerfect Dinner in NYEDelicious Grilled Prawn
As far the nightlife is concerned, if you’re looking forward to a New Years Eve made up of wild, exciting parties, you’ll find that there will be plenty of options available to you. Hammamett, which is an upscale beachfront city, is known for its lively nightlife, especially on New Years Eve.
Dunes Festival in Nefta in TunisiaDisco and Dance Party in New Years EveExclusive Bachelor Party in New Years Eve
Dunes Festival in Nefta in TunisiaDisco and Dance Party Exclusive Party
In Soukra, a northern suburb, The Guest List will be holding a poolside party with an open bar and DJ entertainment, complete with a heated tent to keep guests warm. Nestled away in Hammamett, the Da Franco Bistro is a fun place to enjoy a delicious dinner in a romantic atmosphere. Typically, on New Years Eve the Bistro also offers a 4 course menu including a delicious dessert.
Seafood Stew with Quinoa in TunisiaTunish Grilled Foodfor new years eve celebrationOysters for Dinner in New Years Eve in Tunisia
Seafood Stew with QuinoaTunish Grilled FoodOysters for Dinner
If you prefer a more tranquil but equally memorable way to celebrate, Villa Didon, located in a peaceful community in Carthage is a great place, along with many other excellent hotels and trendy restaurants, usually hosts special New Year’s parties. Some of the most popular restaurants that cater to those looking for a more relaxing way to spend the evening include Dar Zarrouk, a wonderful, traditional restaurant located in the charming town of Sidi Bou, complete with live entertainment.
Cherry Blossom Studio to Celebrate New Years Eve

Cherry Blossom Studio

The restaurant overlooks the breathtaking Gulf of Tunis, providing both a fantastic dining experience and the chance to enjoy the area’s exquisite Mediterranean beauty. The Le Beyrouth hotel, will also be hosting special New Years Eve gala that will include star studded entertainment. More family friendly, traditional, countdown celebrations will also be taking place throughout Tunisia, featuring belly dancing performances and Egyptian Arabic pop music.
Middle Eastern dance in Tunisia

Middle East Belly Dance

New Years Eve 2018 in Tunisia Accommodations
Popular Tunisia hotels and resorts include the Residence TunisCarlton hotel Tunis, Dar Ben Gacem hotel, Sheraton Tunis hotel and the Golden Tulip El Mechtel hotel. While there are several hotels to choose from in this charming country in the midst of a wonderful transformation, you’ll still want to book your reservations well in advance.

Enjoy romantic New Years Eve 2018 in Tunisia

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